Experience the atmosphere
in a Japanese traditional temple

Gyokuzoin is a temple which boasts a history of more than 1,000 years.
Here, you can touch the history of Japan.
You can also enjoy lodging, prayer and ascetic practice,
during which you may feel like immerse yourself in the history of Japan in a relaxed manner.
We genuinely welcome you to spend your valuable Japan trip in Gyokuzoin.
Our believer made a video movie about Shigisan Gyokuzoin for foreign travelers this year. please look at the address web-site.https://vimeo.com/415190869

Lodging in the temple

Located at Mt. Shigisan in Quasi national park, visitors can enjoy the beautiful and fresh scenery of raw nature.
Here, spring is the cherry and plum blossom season, summer is breezy with the wind coming from the ocean, and fall is the red leaves festival. While enjoy the scenery for all seasons, you can also walk in the mountain to pray as a pilgrimage.
For ordinary sightseeing individuals and groups and those who expect training, sutra transcribing, Buddha portraying, sermon preaching and ascetic practice, we can also arrange you accommodation. Waiting for your visit.
The lodging facilities range from private room to hall, can hold around 150 customers and can provide a rest for around 500 customers.
Other facilities such as large public bath, tea-ceremony room, training venue are also available for one or more customers.
There is Wi-Fi available.
In all rooms, there is air conditioner in summer and kotatsu in winter. You can spend your time here in a comfortable way.

Lodging expense

Supper excluded, breakfast included


(Infant) 5,000JPY


vegetarian diet/kaiseki ryori:3,000JPY〜

Kaiseki ryori seats:5,000JPY〜

Supper /Breakfast included

(adult) 9,000JPY〜

(Kid) 8,000JPY〜

(infant) 6,000JPY~


Facility descriptions

There is Wi-Fi available.
In all rooms, there is air conditioner in summer and kotatsu in winter. You can spend your time here in a comfortable way.
Toothbrush, towel and bath towel are also provided.
Besides, there is Yukata in summer and Tanzen (outer robe) in winter, with which you can experience the fun of Japanese culture.
*The toilet and the bathroom are shared.

Precinct guidance

Vicinity sightseeing guidance

It takes 1 or 2 hours to arrive at tourist attractions of Osaka and Nara from Gyokuzoin of Mt.Shigisan.
Here below are the hot spots around.

Horyuji Temple

As world’s most ancient wooden building, Horyuji Temple is the first Japanese historical site listed together with Himeji Castle among the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. Built by Shoutoku Taishi in Asuka Period, the temple reserves in its broad precinct many kinds of precious buildings and treasures in different ages since Asuka Period.

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple is a large temple which occupies a large area at the foot of Mt. Wakakusa. It reserves a lot of national treasures and important cultural properties represented by Vairocana- Buddha which is well known as the Great Buddha of Nara.
One of the eight asset groups of “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara” as a world heritage site

Taimadera Temple

The temple reserves two three-storied towers built in Tempyo Period which are the only towers standing in a row in Japan.
It also has a large number of cultural properties such as Buddha statues and buildings and has won praise from many cultured persons, prominent persons and artists, the most famous in which is the garden of Nakanobo named as “Koguen Garden”.

Universal Studio Japan

Universal Studio Japan which is located in Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi can also be reached within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
It is filled with worldwide popular animation attractions.

Access from JR Oji Station by taxi

Taxi from JR Oji Station is also convenient.
There is a taxi stand at the north entrance of JR Oji Station. Please tell the driver that your destination is Fukikaku, Gyokuzoin, Shigizan.
After getting off the taxi at Fukikaku, Gyokuzoin, please go down the stone steps to reach the Gyokuzoin Gate as shown in the map ⑦ above.

Bus schedule near around

The access to Osaka and Nara from Oji Station is also convenient.
Please find the schedule of the bus stop (Shigiohashi) nearest to Gyokuzoin as below

ShigiohashiOji Station (north entrance)

No.42/43 Bus Stop Shigiohashi at Oji Station (north entrance)Shigiohashi


Access by train


Access by car

Around 20 minutes through Nishimeihan Expressway from Horyuji IC or Kashiba IC Shigi/Ikoma Skyline from Hanna Expressway
Around 20 minutes by No.168 Line from Ichibu IC or Ose IC through Second Hanna Expressway
 Please set the following in the destination who are come to use the GPS · car navigation systems. 
Shigisan tourist hotels(Shigisankanko hotel) or 0745-72-4801 
near the bridge of Daimon pond away 200m from the arrival location there is a parking lot.


Telephone service in Japanese, English and German



2280, Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture

Lodging reservation service alsoavailable.